Sunday, February 12, 2012

The last mile

After my initial euphoria for gaining a place in the Great North Run - reality is beginning to sink in.

With the sun shining through the window I was motivated to pull on my running gear and go for a run.  But despite the sunshine - it was bl**dy cold - barely above freezing in fact - meaning breathing and running felt doubly hard!

After 2 miles of running with what felt like lead weights on my legs, I finally began to warm up.  I only managed 4 miles in all, but they were 4 hard miles and I began to wonder to myself - what has possessed me to do the Great North Run again???

I have completed 3 GNR's now so I don't have anything to prove to myself - I KNOW I can do it.  And if it was just a case of 'going for a very long run', I could do that any day of the week around the streets where I live.  So why................... 

I am addicted.  There I said it.  I am addicted to the feeling you get when you cross the finish line.  It really is something else.  And despite 99% of the course being hard, uphill slog, the last mile really does make it all worthwhile. It is so emotional - each time I have crossed the finish line, I have done so with tears streaming down my face.

I have 7 months left to train so through the tough times when my legs ache and my chest feels like it is going to explode - I will remind myself that it IS all worthwhile, if only for the last mile!


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