Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mind over matter

This way - that way

As I embarked on my run latest I knew there would be a choice of routes.  Either a comfortable 5 miler around town..........or an extended version taking me up to 8 miles.

Super smart running shoes

I had on my new bouncy trainers (birthday present from OH) which I was breaking in, and after the first mile or so I could feel my heel pulling a bit.  Now,  I knew this was down to my new trainers giving me proper support, rather than my old worn in & comfy pair which had lost their support some miles ago - but even so, I could feel my 'reason' for choosing the shorter run beginning to creep into my head.

So - at the crucial junction, my training partner said to me: "Which way? Turn left (short route), or carry on (long route)".  My first response was to turn left (my heel was REALLY hurting)..........., but then I thought about how chuffed I would feel if I managed the long route.  So, with my mind firmly shifted onto the longer route we carried 'straight on'. 

Mind over matter

Anyhow - during my run my mind drifted off, as it often does - (it's my coping mechanism to help distract my brain from the miles ahead of me!), and it occurred to me that long distance running is a bit like child birth.  Well, my experience of childbirth at least.  It really is a case of mind over matter.  Bear with me on this.............

1.  It's all about the breathing - focus on your breathing and it takes your mind off the pain
2.  Hills are a bit like contractions - you have to get your head down and focus until you get to the peak, and then the pain subsides and you get a brief respite as you come down the other side

3.  And lastly - once you start, there is no avoiding the hard work you have to put in - but when you get to the end you are well rewarded

Keep on running!


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