Sunday, February 26, 2012

Parental duty versus putting my feet up

So - my OH's new shift pattern is out (starts April) and it is worse than the one we have now. 

Not only are his weekends off LESS frequent (3 in every 9!!!), the hours of work mean I will be required to drop off and pick up the children at nursery, and then school, most days.  Don't get me wrong - I don't have a problem with this - it will be much harder for him not to see as much of the boys as he does now and this is a whole other blog, but the upshot for me (and the relevance to this blog) is that it eats into my already limited training opportunities. 

That aside - my main issue with the new shift pattern is that he is working the weekend of the Great North Run. 

This itself doesn't pose much of a problem as my parents are 'up North' and so I will take the children with me to create a 'win win win' situation.  I get two very willing babysitters while I trot around the 13 mile course (win), my parents get to spend some very rare time with the terrible two (win), and the terrible two get to be terribly spoilt with all the things I would normally prevent them from doing (win).

Now, I don't mind driving up on my own with the children, but it is such a trek that I would like to head up there on the Friday and drive back on the Monday to give me time to recover and also to ensure I don't seize up on the 4 hour drive home!

My dilemma is with the fact that my eldest starts school in September, and although I don't have the official start date for him yet, I think the Monday after the GNR falls on week 3 of his first term. I take him out of school just as he is settling in and risk the wrath of his teacher, or do I stop being so selfish and just jump in the car from the finish line (almost) and head straight back to Shropshire???

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