Monday, February 20, 2012

Calling in reinforcements

So - the running has been so so over the last few days.  This has not been to lack of will, but more so lack of opportunity

The trouble I have is that my Other Half works shifts, which plays havoc with my training.  I have tried heading to the gym before work, but I feel so guilty leaving my Other Half to get the boys dressed and to nursery before he himself heads to work.

So - after much deliberation I decided to call in the big guns and buy a treadmill to support my road training.  It arrived tonight and is now taking pride of place in the garage!!

I fully intend to make good use of it this week as not only is OH on a late shift tomorrow, he is away overnight on Wednesday AND Thursday meaning there is no chance of getting out on the road to stretch my legs until at least Friday.

Admittedly, one of the main reasons I enjoy my training is the chance to have a 'gossip on the go' with my training buddy.  So to keep me motivated tomorrow my first job (after putting the boys to bed of course!) is to choose some upbeat tunes to keep me on the move!

Wish me luck!

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