Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first time - be gentle!

Right well, here goes.  I've finally put my toe in the water and started a blog!

Now what to do............or yeah - write something............

Okay - since the day of my first blog coincides with my Great North Run confirmation I will pledge to update this blog with my progress in training (or lack of!) as I prepare for my 4th and final (I mean it this time) Great North Run

I don't expect any readers to be particularly interested in this, but humour me.  If I think there are people reading this then I will feel compelled to report on the positive progress that I am making

There you go - short and sweet for my first attempt.  Might have to go and have a nice cup of tea to make the occasion (no biscuits - I am in training after all!)


  1. Does that mean I can monitor your biscuit intakes throughout the day, as you are in training? I look forward to sharing your journey!!! I prefer to read about exercise than take part! good luck!

  2. Absolutely! The fact that our vending machine I so extortionate should help too - it's too expensive to be unhealthy in our office!